Recommended hosting for The Scientific Diet Selector: NameHero. The awesome Starter Cloud is about $3, to begin with. If you want to really brand your site, consider getting Thrive Themes membership. But that’s not really necessary — the plugin will work with any theme.

Now, let’s talk about what you can do with the plugin!

Custom diet links

You may set custom endpoints for all the diets recommended by the plugin. Use these to e.g. direct users directly to affiliate offers, to other pages of your own site (that are monetised with other offers or simply using e.g. AdSense), or directly to your own offers.

Custom problem-solution pairs

This is one of the most powerful features of the plugin when used correctly. Ask your users to identify their key problem among a set of custom problems you define. Then, you may provide the answer to that problem — the users are literally selling the solution to themselves. This is like having a crystal ball: You can offer a solution to their exact #1 problem!

Native ad module

Insert an additional diet in the list of best-matching diet. Again, this can be anything!

Promotion box

Available also in the free version, this box is the biggest generic promotion content that is shown to the users right below the best-matching diets. Use this for anything: offers, redirecting to your other pages, generic banner ads, or for something else. Again, totally up to you.

Advanced: capturing leads

Use a Zapier webhook to send your leads to 1000s of software solutions, including your favourite email marketing solutions (Aweber, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, MailChimp…)

As this is a multi-step process, please find the tutorial for collecting leads here!

Advanced: build your own products

Sign up to our free course for a fast introduction to building your own products. Sending traffic to your own products can be far more profitable than affiliate offers, and building these offers does not have to be difficult.

We’ll show you exactly how: sign up here for free.

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