The Scientific Diet Selector and its interactive recommendation system based on wisdom of the crowd [1] are based on academic research, which adds to its credibility: it actually works.

More specifically, we collect numerical data about “higher level” diet trends such as “Low Fat” or “The Mediterranean Diet”, etc. This is done across a set of criteria (e.g. price, mental strength needed) from a large sample of people. These data are then used to match people with the higher level matches.

You then get to redirect users to read more about the diets and offer specific meal advice, including specific plans and details – on your own site or anywhere else online!

Thus, the plugin offers decision support from people just like your visitors: information people can trust. This means the visitors will also trust your site. You are the one offering this.

Make it yours: you are permitted to build the story around why you are offering the plugin.

The principles behind the plugin as well as the plugin implementations have been published in prestigious venues such as The British Human-Computer Interaction Conference [2], the ACM Human Factors in Computing Systems conference [3], and IEEE Computer [4].

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