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You may have failed to lose weight simply because of trying the wrong diets. Take 30 seconds to find a diet, based on science and crowdsourced knowledge from people just like you. We now also tell you how long will losing your weight take!

And it's all based on science!

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Why use The Scientific Diet Selector?


Scientific Approach

The method is based on a scientifically validated decision support concept.


Data-driven Tool

We mine insights from crowdsourced data, to find the best matching diets.


External expertise

We provide links to external resources, to learn more and discover food plans.

Said by some other users of our site:

"It's an easy and fast way to find a diet! The system is really user friendly, and instead of choosing for you, it gives you a list of diets that might fit you! I also like the "affordability" factor, which Is the first time I see applied to diets. I also find really interesting the fact that there's a lot of new diets that I had never heard about!"

"Provides me with several choices and information about these diets. Very simple and intuitive!"