Collecting Leads

The Scientific Diet Selector supports lead collection via webhooks.

The following tutorial walks throug the process with Zapier. We will soon release a full video tutorial, but if you’re having issues following this tutorial, feel free to email the support and we’ll help you out!

Now, webhooks are simply endpoints for data, and in this case a webhook can receive all the data that the plugin user may give about herself: age, gender, weight loss goal, and the biggest problem (as defined by you and simply indicated as a number in ascending order).

If you’re not a coder, the easiest way to connect this data to your email solution (ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Aweber, etc.) is using Zapier or any other automation tools.

This tutorial shows the process with Zapier.

First, you will create a webhook inside zapier as the trigger condition. This means that Zapier will give you a webhook URL that you will be sending the data to, by entering the same URL in the plugin settings on the backend of your site.

Getting a webhook URL in Zapier

Copy the webhook URL (just hit the blue button “Copy”), and paste it to the plugin settings:

Remember to save changes.

Then, use your plugin once as a user yourself to send a test submission to Zapier: use any dummy values discover diets, and click yourself all the way to the final stage where the plugin asks for name and email address!

Enter details, such as “Test User” and (or use a real email address if you want). Send it! And proceed in Zapier to see if you can find a test submission in the webhook you just created.

We can see the test submission in Zapier, as it was sent to the webhook!

If everything works as planned, you will see the data appear in Zapier, just like in the image above.

Next, you want to create a contact in your list management software so you can follow-up with your information & marketing sequence!

In this case, I’ll be using GetResponse:

Add a contact…

Zapier then lets you easily map the data from the just-received data package through the webhook to the fields available in your list:

Email and name for the new contact

Here is where it gets a bit complicated. You will want to create custom fields e.g. for the weight loss goal and the key problem that your users have. This is one of the most powerful features of the plugin, so take the few minutes you need to learn about custom fields.

This way you’ll be able to segment your leads based on e.g. whether their key problem is about time management or lacking exercise skills and provide them tailored offers and/or information based on that!

I’m using a custom field for “goal” here so I know how much weight are the people hoping to lose! This type of information is worth gold.

Finally, test the zap in Zapier, and the lead will appear in your mailing software! The example below is from my GetResponse account:

That’s it!

This can be daunting if you have never used these tools, but it’s well worth the time to learn it.

Stay tuned for a full video tutorial soon!

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