Make a Borderline Hilarious Amount of Money by Genuinely Helping Your Visitors Succeed in Losing Weight!

No kidding: this is as close to a win-win situation as it comes in the sometimes dirty world of affiliate marketing...

Imagine if you could dominate even a tiny slice of the multi-billion-dollar weight loss industry online? Because with us, you can you can. And it's 100% FREE. Really – no credit card required.

By leveraging the marketing superpowers of our Artificial Intelligence -powered Wordpress plugin and proprietary knowledge base, you will be lightyears ahead of other webmasters. And what's best, you will be actually offering value to your visitors: personalised decision support about what diet(s) to go for.

Built on state-of-the-art computational intelligence, machine learning, and tens of thousands of data points on weight loss diets, The Scientific Diet Selector is a feature-packed plugin that 1) helps your visitors lose weight and 2) makes you money literally on autopilot.

Backed by research, it's a highly credible solution for improving your existing sites or building a completely new niche site around it!

Put shortly: you can offer a real solution for a real problem, 100% free.

We succeed only when you succeed – and we take this seriously.

the scientific diet selector:

  • Helps your visitors by offering them an engaging and easy tool for discovering best-matching diets. This is something that hundreds of millions of people around the planet want, right now. 
  • Lets you promote your own content with custom online destinations for all of the offered diets.
  • Helps you promote any weight loss offer with a native ad among the offered best-matching diets.
  • Makes you money on autopilot through several built-in affiliate offers that are laser-targeted to your visitors' biggest problems. Plug in your affiliate id, sit back and watch the conversions roll in!
  •  Helps you collect high-quality, high-value leads through integration with any email software (tutorial available here).
  • Improves itself over time: you'll get regular updates and the centralized database increases in accuracy as more users worldwide contribute data.

...and much more!

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The Scientific Diet Selector is not "just another WordPress plugin". It's a product of years of academic work, authentic data collection, and service design.

This is one of the only Wordpress plugins out there that I can vouch for! 

Julie Farr

New Media Writer


John Doe

Affiliate Press Writer


Get one! Contrary to common belief, weight loss is not an exceptionally difficult niche to get your feet wet in. There are literally hundreds of millions of people out there who want to lose weight. This means that practically any audience is good for you! But you must know what to do, how to do it, and what tools to use. And you need to be unique. And the easiest way to be unique right now is to build a site around our plugin.

Trust me: You got what it takes.

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Get Started in 3 Minutes

Watch the video to learn how you can start profiting already today.

100% satisfaction Guarantee

The Scientific Diet Selector is free to use. You simply install it from the WordPress plugin repository. We'll  work with you to make it work for you. Need help? Email our support and we'll be there for you.


Here's The Scientific Diet Selector on a blank page, so you can see how it'll look like with nothing around it.

Note that it inherits most of the styles from your site. So, while the functionality will remain the same, the styling will blend in smoothly with your site, increasing both the credibility and usability of the plugin.

Here's the plugin on a "populated page" that further pre-sells the idea and establishes further credibility. Remember, it always pays off to personalize it: Why are you offering it?

CALLING BS, are we? what's the catch?

The Scientific Diet Selector is 100% free for you to install and use on unlimited amount of sites, forever. We pay the data costs for you (the plugin uses our proprietary APIs). 

No kidding. 

But we're not going to insult your intelligence, so allow us to explain why we do this. First, the main built-in product that you will be promoting as an affiliate is owned by us. This means that for every sale (of that particular product) , we'll get  a 25% cut of the profit (but you keep 75%).

Second, some webmasters are generous enough to let their visitors participate to further research with the plugin. This is fully non-profit but helps us improve the plugin, and all webmasters as well as end-users get to enjoy the benefits. 

So just test it! You've got nothing to lose. You'll find The Scientific Diet Selector in the official WordPress plugin repository or by searching for it in your WordPress site's "add new plugin"-section.

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