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The Scientific Diet Selector (free version) is finally available at the official WordPress plugin repository. If you know what you're doing and need more flexibility (monetization, funnel your visitors to somewhere else), the premium version(s) are for you! 

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Did You Know? It's possible that you've failed to lose weight just because of trying the wrong diets.

Now you can finally choose a diet based on knowledge from people just like yourself!

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We'll use data from people like you to improve the suggestions.

What matters in your diet?

Choose one or more and be honest.

- It helps me lose weight fast Does not matter at all

- It's a good long-term solution Does not matter at all

- It needs to be generally recommended by others Does not matter at all

- The diet mentally easy to follow Does not matter at all

- It provides the needed nutrients for general well-being Does not matter at all

- The diet is cheap Does not matter at all

The best diets for you are:

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By The Scientific Diet Selector

Based on Years of Research

We've worked for years to figure out how to best use wisdom of the crowd to provide personalised, trustworthy decision support [1]. Specifically with weight loss diets, our tool compares well against Google [2]. But since we offer an embeddable widget with a lot of customisable elements, a creative webmaster such as you can leverage the plugin in very useful (and lucrative) ways!

Why Trust The Scientific Diet Selector?


Scientific Approach

The method is based on a scientifically validated decision support concept.


Data-driven Tool

We mine insights from crowdsourced data, to find the best matching diets.


External expertise

We provide links to external resources, to learn more and discover food plans.

Said by our beta-testers:

"It's an easy and fast way to find a diet! The system is really user friendly, and instead of choosing for you, it gives you a list of diets that might fit you! I also like the "affordability" factor, which Is the first time I see applied to diets. I also find really interesting the fact that there's a lot of new diets that I had never heard about!"

"Provides me with several choices and information about these diets. Very simple and intuitive!"


[1] Hosio S, Goncalves J, Anagnostopoulos T & Kostakos V (2016) Leveraging Wisdom of the Crowd for Decision Support, In Proc. British Human Computer Interaction Conference (HCI)
[2] van Berkel N, Hosio S, Goncalves J, Kostakos V (2018) Informed Diet Selection: Increasing Food Literacy through Crowdsourcing, In ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2018 Extended Abstracts (CHI 2018 EA), International Workshop on Designing Recipes for Digital Food Futures

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